8 Jun 2009

Thailand Amulets

Thailand Amulets is a blog dedicated to, obviously, Thai amulets. A quick search will yield many websites selling Thai amulets but this one is more concerned with explaining how they are made and giving some very fine examples. For such small objects this blog has some excellent photos.

Most markets in Thailand will have at least one stall selling amulets, charms and pendants. Many mass produced amulets are very cheap and temples will also produce a mixture of simple stamped amulets plus a few of better craftsmanship. These limited edition amulets can be of exquisite quality with fine detail on objects that are only 3 or 4 cm in height. Thailand Amulets blog concentrates on these finer examples many of which are essentially miniature statues rather than medallions. The market is also rife with fakes so it is worth recognising quality products (whether original or copied) rather than believing the tall tales told by vendors.

I still think that, given the quantity of gaudy and tacky souvenirs on sale in Thailand, a bag full of amulets can make original presents for friends and family back home without damaging your wallet or bulging your suitcase.

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